Facebook Ads performance: Are you asking the right questions?

Facebook ads is getting more challenging by the day. With iOS14 chipping away at attribution, how can you hit your growth objectives and edge out the competition? Build is a big part of the answer, but it’s not everything. We’ve achieved breakthrough growth managing FBA for Y Combinator backed startups going from $0-$1M/month in platform spend, as well as unlocking new avenues of growth for established Fortune 500 companies. Put the pieces together with this LIVE training and regain momentum in 2022.

FBA is both simpler and way more complicated than audiences and bid types. In this LIVE training, you'll learn:

FBA Fundamentals

FBA is always changing, and every lever has its own role to play in putting together the optimal build. Gain a concrete, durable understanding of advanced FBA fundamentals that will allow you to outmaneuver the competition.

PMF and FBA: Closing the Loop

As an expert in growth stage marketing, you know that Facebook Ads is not an island. Learn more about the critical role FBA plays in honing Product-Market-Fit and how you can apply this in day-to-day campaign management and optimization.

Creative Development for Performance

Creative is at least as important to performance as build, and if it isn’t given the same level of attention, or if it’s solely Brand lead, you could be in trouble over the long term. Learn creative best practices for performance on FBA.

CRO: a Virtuous Cycle

We don’t trade in easy wins. When you live and breathe growth on FBA, you see that on site optimizations are often more powerful than in-platform optimizations. And they inform one another. Unhook from the closed system mindset of FBA management and learn how to leverage CRO as part of your FBA approach,

Gain confidence in a cross-functional approach to FBA that goes beyond audience splicing. This training is for:

In-house growth marketers who have a different primary area of expertise, looking to deepen their FBA knowledge.

SEM specialists, brand marketers, retention experts: your foundation has prepared you to succeed as a holistic growth marketer. You know the ins and outs of certain platforms, and you want to get to that level of mastery with FBA. This will set you up for success whether you are directly or indirectly responsible for FBA performance KPIs.

In-house social experts that are directly involved with FBA channel management, looking for tips and tricks to gain a competitive edge.

Being an in-house channel marketer can be isolating! If you’re primarily responsible for FBA, gain an additional expert perspective with this tactical and practical training that will unlock new avenues for growing paid social at a challenging time in the marketplace.

Marketers from adjacent disciplines looking to better understand growth marketing on FBA and how it relates to the broader landscape

including Brand, Strategy, Creative, and CRO along with other paid and organic channels. If your work intersects with Facebook and Instagram performance, learn how to speak the language of FBA as well as best practices that directly impact your ways of working.

Anyone who oversees a paid social budget optimizing toward performance KPIs.

Whether you are managing an in-house social expert or an agency relationship, gain a fresh perspective on FBA with tactical and cross-functional guidance that will move the needle for you and your team.

We've helped hundreds of clients revolutionize their approach to FBA

Get started and create breakthrough growth in 2022.

We’ve created a training that can benefit any in-house marketer looking for perspective on FBA, from novice to experts in the channel. Join the conversation (Q&A is our favorite!) and pick up some valuable food for thought as you tackle your growth targets this year.